Xin Networks presented the revolutionary Redwood Building Performance and Lighting System to Hong Kong Data Centre End Users, Specifiers and Designers at the Data Centre Optimisation Seminar at the Manulife Financial Centre, Hong Kong on 15 June 2012.  

XIN began by discussing the exciting and dynamic LED market which is driven by their energy efficiency and lifespan superiority over fluorescents, dimming capabilities and falling prices.

The presentation was then steered towards the control and dimming of LEDs and the Redwood System itself and its vast benefits including 70-90+% lighting and HVAC energy cost savings, contributing 29 LEED points for buildings, as well as real-time, accurate building performance data allowing for space utilization and other asset maximising strategies and increased workforce productivity.

During the presentation XIN explained the Redwood Architecture in detail showing how:
a) the Redwood Engine efficiently distributes low voltage, constant current power to LEDs over data cable,
b) the Redwood Sensors at each fixture gives a granular control of lighting and monitoring of the space,
c) the Redwood Manager is IP based and can be accessed locally or remotely to control and assess real-time building data for energy usage, ambient light, occupancy and temperature.

XIN also invited guests to visit our first Redwood System install in Asia at the SBFI premises in Central. To see the System function first hand, please do not hesitate to contact us.
To learn more about the Redwood System and look at the Redwood Architecture in more detail please navigate to our Redwood page here.

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