Xin Networks showcased the Redwood Building Performance and Lighting Controls System at the 17th Annual World Bex Exhibition, which was held in the World Trade Centre, Manila on 14-18 March 2012.

Xin Networks Philippines team Bernard Tan (Country Manager) demonstrated to end users and specifiers the benefits of the Redwood System.

As the Building Performance and Lighting Controls System runs over structured cabling and is managed digitally the installation and commissioning of the system at the show was swift and straightforward.

Having the Redwood System installed in the booth allowed us to demonstrate to visitors the vast benefits of the system including energy savings of 70-90% possible through dimming, daylight harvesting and motion enacted supply of light. We could also show the rich real-time building intelligence data that the high density grid of sensors can provide through the IP based Redwood Manager.

The building intelligence collected by the Redwood System includes motion, ambient light levels, temperature and energy usage, and can be used to reduce HVAC, maintenance and other building services costs, optimise facility resources including space utilisation, and enhances productivity.

Through this show, we have built up a large database of contacts in the Philippines which has led to discussions and tender requests for upcoming projects in the Philippines.

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