Our Vision :
To provide solutions
to enhance our clients'
business capability and experience
For Your Business Success

To be recognized
as your preferred
solution provider
who delivers
the highest value

Extensive experience
Commissioning to Maintenance

Certified installers
for leading structured
cabling manufacturers
in both copper and fibre cables.


We stand out because of the exceptional values the clients receive through the uncompromised implementation of our three principles of second-to-none class quality, outstanding added values and reassuring assurance.

1) Quality- Excellent

Every project managed, every product sourced, every design made and every person employed is of the utmost quality to ensure that our clients receive the best possible solution. The outcome has to be second-to-none class quality.

2) Value - Out of expectation

In such economically tough times cost is very important to our clients, be them large MNCs, schools or hospitals, and so we ensure that our solutions are delivered at the best possible value. On top of that, we add on outstanding values. Many benefited by receiving our support for professional training, technology and products updates, new equipment and latest international standards requirements seminars.

3) Assurance - Extra

We understand the risk and pressures that our clients face, and so provide them assurance from the outset. From day one at tender, we give honest, true and reasonable quotes that we aspire to adhere to. All the way through the project, we provide assurance through external audit by recognized professional personnel who verify solutions, products' quality and installations are in compliant with international and industry standards.

As with the general nature of the industry we operate within, unforeseeable costs unfortunately can arise but at Xin Networks an Issue Escalation Culture is championed and we guarantee direct and regular contact between our project managers and our clients.