Xin Networks’ long-time partner and distributor in the Philippines EMPI/Romago will be showcasing the revolutionary Redwood Lighting and Building Performance System in two exhibitions in the Philippines.

EMPI are an established and highly esteemed mechanical and electrical engineering corporation within the Philippines and are resellers of the Redwood System within the territory. They will have booths at both the Philippine Green Exhibition on August 16-18 2012 and the International Contact Center Conference and Expo on September 18-19 2012; both to be held at the SMX Convention Center.

The Green Philippines Exhibition (August 16-18) is representing a total movement for environmental sustainability within the Philippines and Asia. Covering four major industries, this event features an impressive showcase enough to inspire anyone to shift to more sustainable technologies and practices. This is an excellent opportunity to showcase the vast energy savings in lighting and HVAC that the Redwood System provides its customer by dimming individual LED lighting fixtures dependent on occupancy and daylight and reducing heat load produced by lighting fixtures and ballasts or drivers.

The International Contact Center Conference & Expo (September 18-19 2012 is the premier learning and networking event for the contact (call) center industry. It is, by attendance and scope, the largest contact center conference and expo in the world. We see contact centres and the outsourced voice industry as a whole in the Philippines as a potential market for the Redwood Lighting and Building Performance System. This is because of the long operating hours within call centres and very high electricity costs within the Philippines (0.30 USD per kWh). The Redwood System can save in excess of 75% lighting energy costs as well as HVAC energy costs and maintenance costs.

The Redwood Lighting and Building Performance System facilitates lower energy cost, higher-performing buildings. Redwood has developed the world’s only smart building system that powers and controls lights and a high-density sensor grid providing both best-in-class energy savings of +75% and granular monitoring of space utilization, temperature and power consumption. This award-winning approach uses patented networking technology and low-voltage DC architecture for high reliability and scalability as well as low cost installation. With a growing roster of world renowned customers and partners, Redwood is building a reputation for customer success worldwide.

Please contact us if you wish to learn more about the Redwood Lighting and Building Performance System or visit our dedicated Redwood System page.

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