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Lighting Controls & Building Intelligence System

Xin Networks is the first approved systems integrator and supplier in Asia of the revolutionary Redwood LED Lighting Controls and Building Intelligence System. It is proven to save over 70% lighting and AC energy costs and has already been installed by the likes of Facebook, Google, Volkswagen and SAP.

This short video shows how Redwood is revolutionising interior lighting control and integrating network lighting with energy efficiency and building intelligence.

This Redwood system is the ideal solution in any new building or retro-fit for green corporate responsible companies, with it helping to achieve:

  1. LEED certification (gaining 29 points for LEED certification)
  2. Hong Kong mandatory Building Energy Efficiency Ordinance which includes the Building Energy Code and Energy Audit Code (effective September 2012)
  3. BCA Green Mark in Singapore

Components of Redwood:

The system uses a grid of high-density multi-sensors fitted at each lighting fixture, to control each light individually dependant on its own environment such as daylight and occupancy, resulting in best-in-class energy savings. The high density of sensors also provides the user remote access to rich real-time building intelligence through an IP based software, the Redwood Manager. Users can also monitor real-time total power usage and manipulate motion data for office space utilisation.

redwood system

Another revolutionary component of this system is the Redwood Engine. The Redwood Engine converts AC power to DC centrally leading to efficiency gains as well as allowing for the power, communication and data to be transported along one network of low voltage cable unlike traditional systems that would use three separate networks, thus giving faster, cheaper and easier installation. This low voltage network allows for non-specialists to work with the network, and it is designed to be scalable and adaptable to alterations and additions.

redwood system

Benefits include:

  1. Significant contribution to LEED Certification (29 points)
  2. Proven 70-90% energy cost saving in Lighting and AC energy
  3. Very detailed reporting of numerous variables including total power output, ambient temperature and space utilisation
  4. Implements Daylight Harvesting, Scheduling and other advanced settings
  5. Supports load shedding for demand responses
  6. Increases productivity with more comfort and aesthetically pleasing light
  7. Remote control allows control and observation over multiple floors and buildings
  8. Minimizes maintenance