Integrated Meeting and Conference Solutions

Integrated Digitized Solutions
for Meetings,
Conferences and
Video Conferencing

To Fuel Your
Business Growth

In-built modular

• Interactive Whiteboard
• Wireless Presentation
• Video Conference
• Integrated Design


• Unlimited size and space
• Insert diagrams, pictures, videos
• Write notes
• Annotate directly


It allows PC, smart phones,
tablets and pads to freely
share the screen


Create a high quality
interactive meeting

Integrated Meeting and Conference Solutions

MaxHub provides an integrated solution, digital whiteboard, presentations, projector and video conferencing across different devices, incorporating: HD display, touch writing, wireless presenting, tele-conferencing and video-conferencing to improve meeting efficiency and effectiveness.

Technology for the modern workplace to:

  1. Accelerate your digital business with new technology that fuels business growth.
  2. Embrace the mobile mind shift by giving employees and customers what they want, when they want it

Watch this short video to find out more:-

MaxHub represents the next generation of integrated digitized solutions for meetings, conferences and video conferencing.

MaxHub key benefits and savings:

  1. Pre- and post-meeting productivity improvements of 75%
  2. Room equipment cost avoidance of more than US$8,000 or more per room.
  3. Avoided printing costs of about $9,000 in the first year.
  4. Improved sales of 20% for sales meetings due to its superior user experience
  5. Improved collaboration, higher quality of developed goods and services, and overall better and faster business decisions.

Integrated Design

Integrated design allows you to:

  1. Written notes and direct editing
  2. Share screens to build collaboration and brainstorming between participants
  3. Share Presentations, documents, process maps, event plans or videos
  4. Video conferencing to remote participants, access via mobile devices.
  5. There is no need to stand near your computer
  6. You can control your computer on the panel.
  7. Which gives you a better presentation in every meeting

 MaxHub is designed to be easy to deploy and manage remotely. The fully integrated modular design, flexible mounting options and stands, plus a choice of sizes means there is a solution for any space. No complicated installation or set up, just plug into power and use.