Xin Networks are proud to confirm the first installation in Asia of the Redwood Building Performance and Lighting Controls System in the Hong Kong office of SBFI, Trading Desks and Control Room Furniture. SBFI now benefits from lighting and AC energy savings 70-90%, real-time building intelligence that allows for space utilisation and building management, a lamp lifespan of +60,000 hours and a more comfortable and productive lit working environment.

Xin Networks, in partnership with SBFI and Redwood Systems, unveiled the system following its completion to a number industry experts and end users. The reception of this revolutionary Building Performance System, which contributes 29 points on the LEED certification rating system, was exceptional and has led to discussions regarding, and bids for, other projects.

The system that has been installed by Facebook, Microsoft and Google improves further on the energy savings and reduction in maintenance costs that replacing fluorescent lamps with LEDs by utilising LEDs’ ability to dim and to operate more efficiently when dimmed.

The system is powered using low voltage DC power through structured data cable from the Redwood Engine which centrally transforms the grid supplied AC power. The engine also contains the software and data that can be accessed through the local network and remotely on the IP based Redwood Manager.

The data collected is monitored by a high density grid of sensors, with each sensor able to monitor energy usage, motion, ambient light and temperature. With a sensor at each light this enables each light to be controlled dependent upon its unique surroundings.

If you would like to see a live demonstration of the technology, please contact us.

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