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Cold / Hot Aisle Containment

Cold / Hot Aisle Containment

Xin Networks has recognised the need to provide a wide range of solutions for our customers, especially within data centres. We are also aware of the need for energy and cooling efficiency following increases in heat loads per rack, companies wishing to be greener as well as the need to cut energy costs whilst in such economically tough times.

Cold / Hot Aisle Containment separates hot and cold airflows within data centres improving energy and cooling efficiency.

Some believe the key decision is whether you contain the hot or cold aisle. The facts are that the properties of hot/cold air naturally require both. For instance, hot air naturally rises. This means the focus of hot air containment should be above the rack ... not at the end of the aisle. Cold air is just the opposite. Cold air is denser and tends to drop and run across the floor (unless it is being moved by mechanical means). Thus containment for cold air is the perimeter around the racks.

Containment Systems are made up of three basic parts:

  1. Hot aisle ceiling partitions – Rack Hat™
  2. Cold aisle roof – Polar Cap™
  3. Aisle end doors – Sliding, hinged, strip curtain


Our Cold/Hot Aisle Containment system is a fully modular system with tool-free installation and a sliding mounting system ensuring:

  1. Low Installation Costs
  2. Fully scalable
  3. Aesthetically pleasing
  4. Changes have no need for cutting or drilling